Description of RTB system

Система RTB Рекламы, RTB реклама, как работает RTB

What is RTB?

The abbreviation RTB stands for real-time bidding. Indeed, the process of buying and selling advertising occurs by the type of auction, only at the time. Let’s understand how RTB mechanisms work.

Who participates in the auction?

Traders and buyers traditionally participate in the RTB auction. In the role of sellers are SSP-platforms (Sell-side platform). The main objective of such a platform is to maximize the revenue of the site by offering ad slots to a large number of advertisers. So, SSP – platforms are responsible for the interests of webmasters.

In the role of buyers are DSP-platforms (Demand-side platform). Through these services, advertisers work. There you can customize targeting, connect external data sources, manage pricing.

How are trades going?

Bidding occurs in real time for 100 milliseconds, while the user is loading the site page.

1. The user visits the site.

2.The site sends data about the user and the request to display the ad network to which it is connected at the time of page loading.

3.The ad network sends the received SSP data.

4.The SSP processes the received request in accordance with the maximum number of parameters, such as user data, time of the site, from which device it went to the site and so on.

5.SSP provides all information to advertisers.

6.Trading desk transmits information about SSP rates. This process uses DSP.

7.The SSP processes all received information.

8.SSP chooses the winner of the auction – the advertiser who made the highest bid.

9.The winner’s rate is reduced to the second price and advertising is shown on it. For example, there are two of the highest rates – 50 and 30 rubles. Winning a bet with 50 rubles, but this advertisement will appear on the site for 30 rubles.

10.SSP receives advertising from the winner and passes it to the user.

11.Only after all of the above, the user’s page is loaded and he sees the advertisement.

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