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The team of Media company Adviora is pleased to present you a new project Aldoin which will become a new milestone in the era of the development of crypto-currencies, payment systems and the financial market without exaggeration.

What is Aldoin

Aldoin is a revolutionary platform, the main purpose of which is the development of products on Blockchain. Today we are witnessing a unique situation – interest in crypto-currencies and blockage simultaneously from the financial market, the public and the state. Such interest should not be overlooked, since the future is for the crypto currency. It is possible to say with certainty that today the society needs a single technological platform that will allow it to realize all financial needs.

What do we offer?

We propose to meet the social and financial needs of each user of the Internet using the Aldoin project. The project which has absorbed the best and most effective solutions in the field of crypto-currency and lock-up. Now the region is crypto-currency – this is not the “shadow” side of the economy. It is a practical part of everyday life recognized by society.

The main tasks of Aldoin

Development of ready-made investment decisions in the field of crypto-currency

Creation of capacities
for cloud mining of popular
crypto currency

Integration of Blockchain-technology into the main spheres of life

Development of a platform
for secure document

The founders of Aldoin

The idea of implementing the Aldoin project belongs to the IT company Eqvola and Media company Adviora.

Eqvola is an international company specializing in the development and integration of technology solutions that are used in modern financial markets. To date, Eqvola offers customers effective solutions for partner and CRM systems, world software products and systems for Forex-companies. Among the clients of Eqvola are leading trading companies and leaders of the international financial market.
Adviora is one of the leading media companies that provides solutions in the field of advertising services. Adviora is a key player in the advertising market, offering a unique platform for interaction between webmasters and advertisers. Adviora is one of the TOP advertising platforms in Europe, reaching the international level and developing effective solutions for advertisers and webmasters.

What will the Aldoin team do?

Given the direction of the tasks, the Aldoin project is focused on the following products:

Now users do not have to spend time searching, ordering and assembling expensive and complex equipment. We will create an automated product - Aldostation, which includes hundreds of ready-made farms. Thus, everyone will be able to realize themselves in the field of crypto-currency - a beginner, and an experienced miner.
Today, even the most advanced user is difficult to understand all aspects of investment in crypto-currencies. How to maximize your profits without studying each project in detail? Aldoin offers a ready-made solution - its own investment platform, on which each investor can find find attractive offers.
Each user will be able to avoid pitfalls, unnecessary waste of time and a huge loss of commission when exchanging or buying coins. We have a solution - to create a platform through which the end user can independently trade or exchange their own resources.

Investment in Aldoin

First of all, investing in Aldoin is an important step in the development of future technologies. Of course, we do not bypass the main interest of investors – dividends.

Taking into account the variety of directions, the realization of which will allow receiving stable sources of profit, investors will receive dividends from 1% to 4% each month.

Relevance of Aldoin

The relevance of the project Aldoin is due to the technical advantages of Blockchain, which allow you to optimize any business processes, apply reliable methods of encryption and storage of information, automate the processing of data.

Aldoin Partner Program

The structure of the Aldoin project also includes an affiliate program that is accessible to every web master. Blockchain-technologies are one of the most popular directions for investments. We offer our affiliates attractive terms of cooperation, stable payments and three types of affiliate programs.

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